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 the kevin bacon game

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the kevin bacon game Empty
PostSubject: the kevin bacon game   the kevin bacon game EmptyFri Nov 05, 2010 8:53 pm

not sure if you've ever heard of it, but the game's about linking actors to one another. state two actors and the next person to post has to state the other actors that link them together. for example:
Ron Pearlman and Mila Kuniz.
ron pearlman works with kim coates on "sons of anarchy," kim coates worked with norman reedus in "heroes wanted," norman reedus starred in "the boondox saints" with willem dafoe, dafoe was briefly in "spider-man 3" which aslo featured topher grace who co-starred in "that 70's show" with mila kuniz. the end.
whoever posts all of the actors that link the two together wins and gets to pick the next two actors. this may seem kind of convaluted, but it can be fun.

here's your two starters: jackie earl haley and ryan reynalds
[it's possible to link them, i all ready know the answers]
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the kevin bacon game
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