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 The strange tale of howard moon

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The strange tale of howard moon  Empty
PostSubject: The strange tale of howard moon    The strange tale of howard moon  EmptySun Aug 29, 2010 3:25 am

Howard was furious, plain and simple. He had only gotten home yesterday, and already Vince was on his last nerve.
When Howard had returned to the Nabootique, he had expected to be welcomed home with loving arms, cries from Vince about how much he missed him, maybe Bollo even remembering his name, but all he got was blank stares, and worst of all, they had replaced him with some cheap look-alike! Then to make matters worse, that horrible commercial came on, and they all just laughed at him. And they continued to laugh throughout the entire day.
"That was your big break yeah?" Vince giggled for the hundredth, causing Howard to finally snap, he couldn't take it anymore, he didn't need to deal with this, he had only come back for Vince, but it appeared that Vince didn't want him so what was the point?
"Ya know what Vince? I'm sick and tired of all this!" Howard yelled, and Vince had the decency to look surprised by his outburst. "I don't have to deal with this crap, I only came back because I thought we were friends, and that you would miss me if I was gone, but I guess I was wrong! I won't be bothering you any longer, I'm leaving, and this time I won't be coming back!" And just like that, Howard spun around and marched out the door.
"Yeah, whatever, you'll come back!" Vince yelled but Howard just kept on walking.
"You always come back for me." Vince whispered, but Howard was already gone.
1 Week Later
Howard had fully intended to never go back when he marched out the door that day, but he knew that at some point, he would have to go get all his stuff. Only he didn't really want to run into Vince. Or Naboo, who was apparently mad at him. He called the other day yelling at Howard to come home immediately, something about Vince missing him; Howard just laughed and hung up. If Vince missed him, he could call himself and apologize!
But he really did need some clothes. So he decided to head out, apparently there was a sale on at Top Shop (according to Lester) so Vince should be there for a good portion of the day, he'd just get in and get out, simple as that.
Of course, nothing is ever simple for Howard.
He decided on taking the shortcut to the Nabootique through an alley way just up ahead. He turned into the alley just as an old lady carrying an assortment of bottles made her exit, the collision was inevitable. Howard tried his best to catch her as she fell, and she did her best to maintain her hold on all her belongings. Neither was successful. The bottles fell to the ground, smashing upon impact. In a matter of seconds everything was covered in black ooze, even Howard's shirt.
"And this was my favorite shirt too." He sulked wiping away what he could with his hand, before reaching out to help the lady up; he did feel quite bad for knocking her over. But before he could even try and make up for it, she just started yelling.
"Do you have any idea what you've just done!" She screamed.
"Look, it was just an accident." Howard tried, but it just made her yell louder.
"I can't believe this! Do you know how long it took me to make all these!"
"Don't kill me; I've got so much to give!" Howard whimpered and shut his eyes, waiting for death. But all there was, was silence. Hesitantly he opened his eyes. The old lady was just smiling and looking at his hand that still had the ooze on it.
"Ya know what? I think you've been punished enough, and I suppose it can't be helped." she said sweetly, before simply walking away.
Howard was confused, but figured he'd take what he could get and continued on his way. He was nearing the end of the alley, and the Nabootique was in his sights, when he started to feel dizzy. He needed to get to the Nabootique, as he didn't fancy passing out in the street.
Howard stumbled up to the door, no one was in the shop as far as he could tell so he went to open the door and proceed with his plan. But just as he reached for the handle, everything went black and Howard promptly passed out.
When Howard finally regained consciousness, he no longer felt dizzy and on the verge of passing out. He felt warm, someone was petting his head, and he had never laid on anything as comfortable as what he was now sleeping on. 'Have I died and gone to heaven?' While the thought was a bit disturbing, Howard couldn't find it in himself to care; he never wanted to leave this magical place.
"Are you finally up then?" He heard Vince say from above him, and for a moment he wasn't sure what was going on. But being the genius he believed himself to be, he pieced together that Vince must have found him passed out front and somehow managed to get him inside.
"I was really worried 'bout you, ya know? It's a good thing I decided to go outside when I did otherwise who knows what would of 'appened to ya."
Howard decided it was time to "wake up" for real; he couldn't really stay mad at Vince after all this now could he?
Howard opened his eyes and looked up at Vince, and Howard realized that even though there was a smile on his face, it didn't reach his eyes, which were red and puffy. 'Had Vince been that worried about me he started crying?' Howard didn't have long to ponder this though, because at that moment he also realized what the super comfy bed he was laying was, he was on Vince's lap, his entire body was on Vince's lap! And even worse than that, it wasn't even his body. Howard's entire body was covered in fur, and he was tiny. 'Oh my god, what happened to me!'
"Hey, what's wrong with you all of a sudden?" Vince asked, confused by the way Howard was acting.
But Howard didn't care, he was freaking out, he hopped off Vince's lap and onto the floor. 'Got to find a mirror, got to find a mirror, got to-' Howard's thoughts were silenced as he looked into the full length mirror in front of him. There was no Howard reflected in its surface, all he saw was a scruffy brown dog.

this isn't written by me, i just wanted to post some topic here
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The strange tale of howard moon
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